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We offer CBT Supervision and, having been trained by some of the leading clinicians in the world (see below), we can support your clinical practice and development.  Please contact us if you would like to discuss clinical supervision.


Also, over 2014/15 we are developing CBT training.

It has been common for practitioners to want to respond to the high current demand for CBT, in a 2012 directory of counselling about 1/3 of counsellors advertise offering CBT with only certificates in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy..


The availability of CBT training is limited, especially beyond short certificate introductory days.


A more informed client group is demanding CBT therapy (especially given how effective it is) and practitioners will need to develop additional skills to meet this demand.



We are developing training, which is a combination of termly lectures and a workshop/supervision group; an introduction to CBT and also a bridge for more experienced therapists to work effectively with CBT.  The training is run by Talking Therapies Ltd, experienced in training and supervision of therapists across modalities..

The course draws from various key documents that inform contemporary CBT practice.  These include The Competences Framework for Depression and Anxiety Disorders (Roth & Pilling 2007), the associated mapping criteria used to judge these skills, and the more recent BABCP Core Curriculum Reference Document (Holm 2010, released 2011).

The course has three termly modules and an additional ongoing workshop/supervision group.  The training modules can be undertaken in any order, but starting with the fundamentals (unless you have completed equivalent training beforehand), and the additional workshop/supervision is a part of any training module.

The workshop/supervision group can be undertaken on it’s own and will constitute most or all of an individual’s supervision needs as a counsellor, psychotherapist or BABCP accredited therapist.  It is anticipated that practitioners will be a part of an ongoing supervision skills group and also undertake additional training modules to enhance their skills.

The Three (termly) CBT Training Modules;


The Fundamentals of CBT Incorporating CBT with your existing clinical approach.

Covering;   Divergence and convergence between relational therapies and CBT.  The history of CBT.  The use and abuse of the Behavioural and Cognitive approaches to Therapy.  Low and high intensity therapy models.  Longitudinal and problem-specific Formulation and Functional Analysis in CBT.  Key therapeutic skills in CBT.  Socratic questioning in CBT.  Behavioural experiments, propositional and experiential learning in Therapy.  Phenomenology, philosophy and the use of the relational and metaphor in CBT.  Structuring and working in a CBT modality.  Introductions to protocols in work.  The concurrent workshop/supervision (incorporated in the cost of this term’s training) brings these elements together.


CBT For Anxiety – Key CBT skills and recognised NHS protocols for working with anxiety disorders.

Covering;   The philosophy and practicalities of diagnosis and navigating protocols.  Utilising diagnostic information without losing the individual.  Advanced formulation skills; the use of protocol specific, derivative material and the relational in CBT formulation.  Diagnosis-specific formulation, maintenance factors and intervention skills in OCD, Specific Phobia, Social Phobia, Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD), PTSD.  Working with mixed or uncertain diagnoses.  The concurrent workshop/supervision  (incorporated in the cost of this term’s training) brings these elements together.


CBT for Depression –  The effective ways of working with depression.

Covering;  Current skills in working with depression.  Behavioural Activation in CBT.  Formulation in depression.  Working with rumination in depression.  Compassion and 3rd wave CBT approaches.  Co Morbidity.  The concurrent workshop/supervision  (incorporated in the cost of this term’s training) brings these elements together.

For people not undertaking the termly training (in which the workshop/supervision is included) – practitioners will be able to be a part of the ongoing, 2-hour, weekly workshop/supervision group, run by BABCP accredited supervisors..

If you need more intensive supervision, we have BABCP Accredited supervisors offering 1:1 sessions, or with colleagues if you prefer, do get in contact if you would like to discuss this.

The Ongoing Clinical Workshop/Supervision Group;

This weekly, two hour workshop will cover key skills and give practitioners the opportunity to present work in a supportive environment to develop their practice.  This supervision (by BABCP Accredited Practitioners) will enable therapists to use CBT in their practice, confident that they have the skills to deliver this effective approach, while utilising their existing clinical and relational experience.

If you need more intensive supervision, we have BABCP Accredited supervisors offering 1:1 sessions, or with colleagues if you prefer, do get in contact if you would like to discuss this.

Talking Therapies is an organisation that focusses exclusively in providing only the proven evidence-based psychological therapies, regardless of therapeutic modality.  We can help you develop your private practice, optimally utilising your clinical skills and you can work with an organisation that has good clinical governance and is well placed in the new NHS.



The termly training includes supervision over the same period, so can save you your current supervision costs..We 

We have a workshop/supervision group which is a more economical way to sharpen your skills or those with an introductory training.  However, if you are undertaking the a termly training module then the workshop/supervision group is already supplied. 

Please contact us for more details.

If you are interested in this training,  Please contact us via our form. or on 01273 917 447, if you’d like more information, or contact George Leach at the University of Sussex to arrange a placement and training .


Talking Therapies practitioners have experience in the training of CBT therapists from starting their careers through to BABCP accreditation.  Unusually, we also have considerable experience in the relational modalities to Masters Level.  

Jeremy Christey, the Course Director brings a background in the psychodynamic, relational and humanistic therapies, and also has been trained by the best CBT clinicians in the world including AT and J Beck (CBT Founders), at the Beck Institute, and in this country by many specialists such as Clark (National Clinical Lead and Social Phobia Specialist) , Grey (Anxiety and Changing Behaviours) , Williams (Anxiety & Depression), Salvovskis (Panic, OCD), Espie (Sleep Disorders), Fennell (Low Self Esteem) and Ehlers (Trauma & PTSD), Irons (Chronic Depression & Compassion Based Therapy) McManus (Transdiagnosic Presentations), Veale (BDD), amongst others. 

We are bringing this integrative approach to a modular CBT training and a parallel workshop-style supervision.  We will use the range of teaching methods that have been shown to enhance the skills required to deliver effective CBT which is why we have developed the combination of lecture/workshop and ongoing workshop/supervision.

This course is a three-year modular CBT training which is sufficient to reach BABCP accreditation, or can be one year in duration to have sufficient skills to incorporate CBT into your existing practice, with ongoing supervision.


For more information on BABCP accreditation, please see the most up to date accreditation guidelines on the BABCP website.


Thanks for considering our training..

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