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We have as much to offer you as you will have to offer our clients.


Talking Therapies is an unusual private therapy organisation in that we focus exclusively in providing only the proven evidence-based psychological therapies, regardless of therapeutic modality..

We can help you with a google presence, our relationship with GPs and commissioners, important as the NHS commissioning structure develops, and we can invoice clients centrally, all for a minimum percentage of your fees.

If you have the willingness and ability to work across modalities, especially in CBT with a commitment to a Cognitive Behavioural Approach to your work, and are trained to a postgraduate level in the evidenced based therapies, we are interested in hearing from you.

We can help you develop your private practice, optimally utilising your clinical skills and you can work with an organisation that has good clinical governance and is well placed in the new NHS.

Want to know more about the Talking Therapies network and our working terms? Please contact us.

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With a range of ways of accessing our services, including Skype and VOiP, receive therapy by the most convenient method.

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