The first blog post…

One of the significant problems currently in global mental health is that we have a difficult balance between a helpful push for raising awareness and lowering stigma, which has been very useful, because more people know about mental health, and where to go, so awarensss and signposting have been boosted too.

However, there is lack of high quality information and self help materials that are evidence based and therefore more likely to be effective over and above other approaches.

In 2017 there were 32 million hits on the mental health pages of the UK NHS website, mostly from UK addresses.  This shows the need for good quality information being present in a community where a lowering stigma and raising awareness campaigns have been implemented.

The other problem, the lack of high quality and easy access self help skills, also creates a problem in communities where awareness rasing has taken place.

Where people do not have a way of managing themselves effectively or they do not see their problems as being able to pass, then a sense of personal (cognitive) vulnerability can develop.

As I write, this is becoming more evident in the UK population of younger people who are the early indicators of a problem in teh UK, where we have had a spike in percieved vulnerability, and also a series of cluster suicides, notably at some universities between 2016 and now.

The purpose of both CBT and a the broader initiatives that I have been involved in recently, including Zinc, and also leading the UK workforce of University and College Counsellors, has been to try and develop these skills both for individuals and wider populations.

The purpose of this blog; to break down and discuss these skills in a way that is understandable, able to be implemented and also with further reading is you would like to discover more.

I hope the posts are useful.


Best Wishes

Jeremy Christey

Clinical Lead



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